Crazy Drivers

Compilation of notable driving incidents. When incidents are recorded they will be added to this post.

1)    VW Polo SO57LPY cutting across my path

2)   Skoda GY06FHM impatient driver

3)   Fiat attempting head on collision

4)   Merc D41EDV mobile phone driver

5)   Renault Clio driver, blinded by sun, cutting across path (or just plain blind)

6)   Honda Civic SJ10BAO jumping red light in Aberdeen

7)   Nissan Qashqai NA66XKO crossing double white lines to overtake lorry on a bend and at junction (No. Plate Photo)

8)   Vauxhall Zafira FE07PXR jumping red light in Dundee

9)   BMW X5 SV59YEX Chelsea tractor. Driver doesn’t believe in using the correct lane at junction in Forfar

10)  BMW 3 JO51NKY with expired MOT attempting head on collision near Meigle

11) Nissan Note AG08PXJ overtaking on solid white line at Castelton of Eassie

2 thoughts on “Crazy Drivers

  1. I drove the SO57 LPY. I have crashed that car since which is unfortunate. I was a stupid driver back then who drove way to fast. I have since changed after anxiety about my crash (which was awful) anyway. I was just wondering, where abouts that was?


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