Crazy Drivers

Compilation of notable driving incidents. When incidents are recorded they will be added to this post.

1)    VW Polo SO57LPY cutting across my path

2)   Skoda GY06FHM impatient driver

3)   Fiat attempting head on collision

4)   Merc D41EDV mobile phone driver

5)   Renault Clio driver, blinded by sun, cutting across path (or just plain blind)

6)   Honda Civic SJ10BAO jumping red light in Aberdeen

7)   Nissan Qashqai NA66XKO crossing double white lines to overtake lorry on a bend and at junction (No. Plate Photo)

8)   Vauxhall Zafira FE07PXR jumping red light in Dundee

9)   BMW X5 SV59YEX Chelsea tractor. Driver doesn’t believe in using the correct lane at junction in Forfar

10)  BMW 3 JO51NKY with expired MOT attempting head on collision near Meigle

11) Nissan Note AG08PXJ overtaking on solid white line at Castelton of Eassie

Cyber Criminals Idiots

Blog getting attacked again by low life cyber criminals attempting to log on multiple times.

If you are the stupid dumbass hacker reading this, give up, you can’t get access! Ha ha ha! Украинский и Русский идиоты, thằng ngốc việt nam, 中国白痴, St Andrews Glass, Penicuik Double Glazing, St Helens Glass

Weatherseal windows and its sister companies named above are one the worst offenders for cold calling people registered with the Telephone Preference Service. It does not matter if you warn their call centre monkeys not to call again. After a few weeks the withheld numbers start ringing again. Their usual ploy is to ask if you have received their £500 discount voucher through the post. Of course you haven’t because it was never sent in the first place. They are using this con trick to gain access into your home and sell you double glazing and the like. Their call centre is still going by the name “Energy Saving Scotland”.

Don’t be fooled by these companies and their call centre tricksters.  Add your experiences / review of these con artists to this blog.

Belmont Woods Park, Meigle


Belmont Woods Park, Meigle, used to be kept in pristine condition.  Look at the state of it now. Once frequently visited by many families and tourists for a nice day out in the sunshine. No wonder no one wants go there now due to lack of maintenance and potholed roads filled with mud.